Natural Healing Diet

In the event that you are suffering from frequent gout attacks, or just trying to recover from inflammation and a heavily damaged joint, the best way to receive long-term healing is to completely rework your diet. There are no quick fixes for gout. You cannot take magic pills to make all your problems go away. The doctor’s drugs will never address the root cause of the problem and they all come with dangerous side effects. The best way to receive the health and healing that you desire is to embark on a complete health overhaul. You can start the process today with five simple steps.

First Consideration — Limit Salt

Gout Healing Diet - Limit SaltSodium regulates the water outside our cells while potassium regulates the water inside our cells. When a person consumes too much table salt, it causes swelling and inflammation throughout the entire body, and in the event that you are recovering from a gout attack, consuming too much salt will cause additional aggravation to an already damaged and swollen joint.

The easiest way to stop the pain from a recent gout attack is to reduce your body’s overall inflammation—and the fastest way to do that is to stop consuming salt. Eating too much salt also causes another painful arthritic condition of the foot called edema. Consuming too much salt also causes heart disease, because when your entire body is swollen, your heart has to work harder pumping blood through swollen tissue.

It’s very easy to remove salt from your diet, and it won’t cost a cent. Your body only requires a very small amount of sodium and it’s possible to receive all the sodium and iodine that you need by eating fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables. In the event that you are concerned about an iodine deficiency (which will help your thyroid with weight loss) all you need to do is replace the contents of your saltshaker with kelp powder. Just sprinkle a little kelp powder on a raw cucumber and you will be able to enjoy many powerful nutrients that will help reduce inflammation.

Second Consideration — Avoid Fat

Gout Healing Diet - Avoid FatThe next step to reduce pain and inflammation after a gout attack is to avoid eating any kind of fat, especially partially hydrogenated oil for the next several months. Fat causes inflammation throughout the body, which in turn will aggravate a swollen joint. A good experiment concerning the pain that fat can produce comes from a can of sardines.

You can give this experiment a try for only a few dollars. All you need to do is record the level of pain in your swollen joint before eating several cans of sardines, and then record the level of pain after eating sardines. The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate the difference between a gout attack (which is caused by razor-sharp uric acid crystals) and the pain caused by increased inflammation.

By conducting this experiment successfully, you should not experience a new gout attack where razor-sharp uric acid crystals form in your joint, but only experience an increase amount of pain due to inflammation. If the pain is being caused by increased inflammation, then it’s the fat causing the problems and not the purines. Although sardines are extremely high in purines (487 mg per 100 gram serving) they are also loaded with fat. According to the label on a three-ounce can of sardines, one serving contain 20 grams of fat, or 31 percent of your daily-recommended allowance. It also contain 4 grams saturated fat, 4 grams polyunsaturated fat and 12 grams monounsaturated fat along with 300 mg of sodium and 50mg of cholesterol.

If you are wondering how tiny sardines can acquire so much fat, they eat a variety of zooplankton including isopods, copepods and ostracods, which are microscopic bugs that float around in the water—and everything these small fish eat—gets stored inside their bodies. When we eat sardines, we are consuming everything they ate, which is especially true for some brands of sardines that leave the fish’s internal organs intact.

In the event that you don’t like eating sardines, you could conduct a different experiment where you consume a strictly vegetarian diet for three weeks. After taking notes on just how good you feel after twenty-one days, the next step would be to consume a large meal of genetically modified corn (smothered with butter and salt) along with several pounds of your favorite steak (with more salt) followed by a quart of your favorite ice cream. Then immediately after this meal, switch back to a strictly vegetarian diet for several more weeks. During this time, it would be helpful to make a daily journal entry regarding the amount of pain and inflammation that you will be experiencing.

Once you realize just how much pain salt and fat can cause after a gout attack, you will be better prepared (if not highly motivated) to remove them from your diet. All you need to do is stop consuming unhealthy fatty foods and replace them with ¼ cup of healthy nuts and ¼ cup ground flax seeds for the next several months. Healthy nuts including almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts, will give your body all the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid that it needs.

Because flax seeds are very sensitive to oxygenation, you may want to store them in your refrigerator, then just before consuming the seeds, grind them up with a coffee grinder. One option for incorporating ground flax seed powder into your diet would be to pour it over a salad or into a fruit smoothie. You can also add a little water to the ground powder and mix it into a paste (consistent with peanut butter) and then eat the paste with raw vegetables.

Third Consideration — No Sweets

Gout Healing Diet - No SweetsThe third consideration would be to completely eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet. According to a study published by the British Medical Journal, over 46,000 men in the United States and Canada participated in a 12-year survey. During this time the men were regularly asked questions about their health and intake of 130 foods, including sweetened soft drinks. Becuase many participants developed gout during the 12 year period, the study concluded that men who consumed two or more sugary drinks per day were 85 percent more likely to develop gout than those who consumed less than one sugary beverage a month.

Not only does consuming sugary drinks, high fructose corn syrup, honey and guava nectar cause inflammation throughout the body, but the high levels of sugar can lead to a number of other health problems including diabetes (a deadly disease that destroys a person’s pancreases) hyperglycemia and heart disease. Refined sugars also spike a person's uric acid levels.

Instead of consuming refined sugars, which are high in calories and offers no nutritional value, you may want to replace sweetened items on your shopping list with a wide verity of organic fruit. Fresh fruit is sweet and also contains fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to help your body heal. Options to consider would include apples, apricots, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, cranberries, grapefruit, grapes, kiwifruit, lemons, limes, oranges, papaya, pears, pineapple, plums, raspberries, strawberries and watermelon.

Fourth Consideration — Toxic Chemicals

Gout Healing Diet - Toxic ChemicalsThe fourth consideration would be to remove toxic chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, alcohol and plastics from your diet. When a person consumes commercially processed foods, all the added flavor enhancers, chemicals and preservatives that enter our bloodstream will need to be broken down by our livers and filtered from our blood via the kidneys.

Your liver is required to work 24-hours a day as a miniature chemical processing plant, and it never gets to take a day off. In the same way your kidneys also work 24-hours a day as a sophisticated trash removal system and they never get to go on vacation. When a person consumes a never-ending supply of junk food, all those toxic chemicals need to be broken down and purged from the body.

In the event that your liver and kidneys are extremely healthy, maybe they can process all the toxins from your diet, along with all the uric acid that your body produces—but in the event that your liver and kidneys are getting older—you may want to give them a break by completely removing all toxins from your diet. By doing so, your liver will be better prepared to break down purines so that your kidneys can remove uric acid from your body.

Fifth Consideration — Processed Foods

Gout Healing Diet - Processed FoodsThe fifth consideration would be to stop consuming commercially processed foods for the next several months to see just how good it will make you feel. If you are truly serious about a complete health overhaul, (eliminating salt, fat, sweets and preservatives from your diet) then you will need to eliminate commercially processed foods, because it’s almost impossible to buy anything that’s not loaded with salt, fat, sweets, chemicals and preservatives.

To begin this process, it will be helpful to clear out all the unhealthy processed foods from your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator, and then replace those items with healthy, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains. The ideal gout healing diet would be to embark on totally vegetarian diet (with the exception of organic eggs and fat-free milk) for the next several months. By eliminating feedlot meats and farm-raised seafood, you will be cutting down on fat and purines, along with all the other toxins that these animals consume.

By applying these five simple steps to your life, you will be able to experience just how good a natural healing diet can make you feel. The five simple steps that will expedite your healing process are fully described in a 192-page book entitled Living in the Garden of Eden. You can purchase a copy of this book for $9.99 with free shipping within the United States. Your purchase will help support this ministry.